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Author: EVula

Date: 9/1/02

Rating: PG-13

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Rants: Why I Don't Use OS X

by EVula

Yes, it's true; I'm one of those people who is stuck in OS 9. Get the fuck over it right now, because I'm tired of being bugged about it.

Do I sound angry? Sorry, but I have good reason. I've had several people act like I'm beating a small child just because I don't use OS X.

Listen up, people: some people just don't need to use OS X. Some of us are perfectly happy running OS 9. Why? Because it gets the job done. We're used to working with it, we're familiar with it, and we see absolutely no reason to switch.

For me, personally, I have several good reasons. First off, I have all of 3 reasons to switch to X:

  1. It's pretty. Yeah, OS X looks really nice. Very cool graphics, from the drop shadows under menus to the genie effect when you hide an application, it looks nice.
  2. Less crashes. If a program crashes, it doesn't take the entire system down with it. That's a very nice feature.
  3. Nice memory management. Wahoo, no more telling what program can use how much RAM. It just does it on it's own. Very cool.

As I'm sure you can tell, those aren't very good reasons. Now let me go into the reasons that I haven't upgraded to OS X yet:

  1. I need Classic. I still need Classic for various reasons. My copy of BBEdit isn't carbonized, so that means ever time I wanted to do any HTML coding, I'd have to start up Classic. A few other programs that I use work just fine in Classic and OSX (Photoshop 7, pop-pop, EV Nova), so there is one less reason to switch.
  2. I don't have the time. I'm sorry, but I'm a busy guy. I've got a real life ("whassat?"), a girlfriend, I check about a dozen different boards on a daily basis, and I've got a full-time job. The last thing I want to do in my precious free time is to sit in front of my computer and number one, install a new OS, and two, take the time to get as familiar with it as I am with 9.
  3. I don't have the drive. Again, I just don't have any drive to upgrade. When absolutely everything I do works well enough in OS 9, why exactly should I change?
  4. I don't wanna. Nuff said.

Really, it doesn't matter if those reasons aren't good enough to justify sticking with OS9. The one benefit of having a computer, any computer really, is that you can set it up to suit your tastes. If you want to have a funky desktop for your computer, you can. If you want a different Keilidescope scheme for your Mac, you can.

My taste just happens to be for OS9. Sucks to be you if you don't like it, because there's not a single thing you can do about it. Not one damn thing.

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