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Author: forge

Date: 11/1/00

Rating: PG

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Rants: Schools Going To Hell

by forge

Ok boys and girls (and if you aren't either, don't feel bad). Today's lesson is on how the public school system is being "dumbed down" and how parent's are partly to blame.

Here's the straight dope on the problem. You walk into an elementary school (check into the office first, you know how elementary schools are about strange men walking about) and talk to some of the kids. Try to ask them questions about things that you learned back in those good old days. Guess what, they don't know what they hell you're talking about, much less what the answer is.

The school systems today are focusing more on how the little kids feel instead of whether or not they can do the work. "Who cares if Eric can't read, write, or even find his way to the bathroom? As long as he feels good about himself it's okay if he beats up other kids or has an accident trying to find that bathroom." For starters, it's pretty bad if they can't find the bathroom, since in a new elementary school here the lower grades have bathrooms in the backs of the rooms. Yet, the kids still need to ask WHERE it is. Is it just me, or does this serve as a good example of both a lack of intellect and a lack of visual recognition?

Now I'm not going to place all the blame on the kids. After all, they didn't go to school for the first five years of their life and they spend less than 1/3 of the day at school. I'm blaming the parents for this one too. Some of the kindergartners in my area are going into school not even able to recite the alphabet, count to ten, or put on their velcro shoes. Hell, I've seen some third graders who are still stuck on reading Pat The Bunny, and struggling with it! Granted the teachers can do something about that, but not if the parents don't let them.

Parents can be either the greatest help to a child or the greatest hindrance to their education and growth as a person. Parents should teach their kids things BEFORE they start school and during the child's academic career, NOT just when the teacher calls home to say the little Eric hasn't done his homework in three weeks, spit up on the floor from having a jumbo bag of Cheetos for breakfast, and broke little Kevin's nose because he wanted Kevin's crayons. "Not my little angel!" they parents will say when the teacher or principal calls them to tell them their kid is going to be held at the local precinct pending litigation.

"Couldn't be my kid, s/he wouldn't do something like that, must be the other kid."

"But Mr. Jones, I saw Eddy hit Eric with a baseball bat and roll him over for his lunch money. I'm here in the clinic with Eric waiting for the ambulance."

"He must've done something to tick Eddy off, Eddy wouldn't do that otherwise."

Aside from using the baseball bat and rolling Eric for money, this isn't too far off from what I've seen in some local elementary schools. I've talked with teachers who refer to a student several of them have had over the years as "the sweetest face that's going to kill someone." If that isn't a sign that something is wrong with the kid, I don't know what is.

Parents, teach your kids before they start school, it'll make them better people. Punish them when they do something wrong (I don't mean beat the stuffing out of them, but send them to their room to think about it).

And in conclusion: Small children today have little intellect, even fewer manners, and think about nobody other than themselves. I blame their parents for the bulk of these problems.

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