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Author: Luca Rescigno

Date: 8/1/01

Rating: G

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Rants: Us Poor Cashiers

by Luca Rescigno

Yeah, that's my job. One of those pasty faced teenagers who say "do you have any coupons today?" and "have a nice day, sir" all day long. We stand up for two to three hours at a time, with only 15 minutes between sessions. We listen to that annoying beep the machine makes. We answer to those customers who don't want to be "ripped off" when they notice that I made an "error", which may cost as little as 15 cents.

I don't mind too much about anything that happens on the job, but there are just two things that really bug me. First is the way the management schedules me, and secondly is the way we must stand for such long periods of time.

Okay, negotiating with angry customers isn't fun, but it's pretty easy to get out of if I just give them everything they want, even if it's wrong. I get used to the beeping and repetetive motion after a while. And the $9.25 an hour pay keeps me happy. But I don't like to know that I'm being treated quite unfairly.

When I was on a trip to Europe, I noticed that all the cashiers, everywhere, had stools that they sat on. The conveyor belt things were much lower to be at the right level. That makes sense. Standing in place doesn't give you any exercise, and neither does sitting down, so we may as well be comfortable, right? Well, according to the Human Resources director, it's "unprofessional" and "just wouldn't happen." She didn't really say why it was a bad idea, or why it wouldn't work, just that it wouldn't. It's a tradition, she told me. So I suppose we should continue hunting commies and building nuclear missile defense systems. They're traditions too! (I'll try not to cut into Bush's plan to renew the Cold War, but it is a supporting argument)

The hours I must work are also unfair. According to the law, we must get a 15 minute break for every four hours we work. Cub's policy is that a second 15 minute break is awarded for six hour shifts or more, and a thirty minute lunch break (in addition to the two 15 minute breaks) is given for eight hour shifts. So what did they do this weekend? On Friday, I worked for five hours, 45 minutes. Yes, if I had worked 15 minutes longer, I'd get another break. That seems very malicious and underhanded to me. And on Saturday and Sunday? Seven hours, 30 minutes. I'm always less than an hour away from another break when I leave. It seems so unfair, but I doubt I'd be able to stop it.

I'm still somewhat satisfied with my job. I hate it, but it brings in cash, and I only have to work on weekends. And I'm thankful that they pay me fairly, especially when I consider that I made $6.25 an hour working much harder at a fast food restaurant.

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