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Author: SoySauce

Date: 7/23/04

Rating: PG

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Rants: Reality TV

by SoySauce

Dear TV Executives:

I write to you today about a brilliant new type of TV show. We will call this show "7 People who don't know each other will be put into a house where they can live out all their desires, except we get to watch them with hidden cameras!" We could have a catchy one-liner phrase such as "Lets watch idiots run around!" or something.

It will be an instant hit. Maybe we could throw their ex's into the house for good measure. No, wait! Better yet! We could send their mothers in! It would be hilarious! Think of the ratings! Never mind the fact that every other Network in EXISTENCE has tried similar shows. Never mind the fact that the public is growing rapidly tired of this kind of cookie-cutter crap. Who cares?! If Survivor worked, then, BY GOD, IT MUST WORK EVERY TIME!

While your at it, set up a web page, that's crammed to the breaking point with large flash movies and numerous animated .gifs! People LOVE to wait for large web pages to load! Then, on the web page, you could have people vote for who gets voted off of the house first! And, just to spite them, ignore the votes anyway! Brilliance! Ratings! Or you could have it so people could call in, because we all know people love to call in and wait 4 hours to hit one key on their touch pad.

In conclusion, please stop producing this cookie-cutter, lame, boring, sap-filled, GARBAGE. Thanks.

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