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Author: Zombat

Date: 5/19/03

Rating: PG-13

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Rants: Feminists Suck

by Zombat

Not to offend anyone, but doesn't it seem like women are getting encouraged a little too much? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for equal rights, and anti-racism, but I think that the whole 'go girl' thing is getting a little out of hand. So much, in fact, that men are being completely bumped out of the picture, while women (and/or girls) are being told that the sky is the limit, anything is possible, and et cetera, men (and/or boys) are being taught more along the grunt-like lines. "its OK if you do terrible in math, your the all-star of the football team" It seems to me that television is displaying two general male themes; a) Sports sports sports! and muscles! (its a male thing!) b) males are stupid!

I'm sure you all have seen it at one point in time, whether its those cheesy radio shack commercials, to Campbell's soup. The man seems to have everything wrong, and gives an ignorant, blank (stupid) look, followed by a childish comment. Or the sports side, some hefty jock surrounded by 'beautiful' women, clinging to him while he yells something about Gatorade. Not only does this insult the males in society, but it poses a all-in-all unwholesome view of males to our younger folk. It has been even documented that while females are soaring above, doing great grade wise, and are becoming presidents in companies, etc, males are doing poorer and poorer. Not many male middleschoolers or highschoolers seem to be that interested in getting good grades (well, at least in public schools).

And even if they are, they have to compete later on in life with such things as sexual harassment, and law suits because of discrimination. I've heard of too many stories from my parent's friends talking about how so-and-so got sued for not employing someone supposedly because they were a female. With the 'you go girl' campaigning the feminists have been doing, most women seem to be getting more hostile about touch and chauvinism. I've been in many such situations, where my hand accidentally brushed against the bosom of some girl while handing in a paper for school. After a muttered, and sincere apology given by me, she then proceeded to blow up on me in front of the whole class, and even went to the principal for sexual molestation. I got off with a warning, but I was still a little rattled. A while back I posted a topic about chauvinism, because that day, I was being all nice and kind, letting the person go ahead of me through a door. She then angrily told me she hated chauvinists, and went ahead of me.

This is getting out of control. I resent the stereotypes, and the taboos about simple things. Im sick of being told im wrong by some girl in my class because 'your just a stupid male' and not seeing the teacher do a thing. I could have said something as equally bad racially, and I would have taken the fall for it. I had one instance back in 8th grade where some girl I didn't know walked up to me, and kneed me in the groin. Pain beyond pain and on top of that my mind was conflicted, because I had always been taught never to hit girls but I went ahead an pushed her back for it. Which got me a detention despite the obvious unfairness of the situation. If girls want to be treated so fairly, why is that moral still in effect?

Other discrepancies:

* In American we have this thing called 'Bring your Daughters to work day" .... I never saw a 'bring your son to work day," did you?

* A man was shot by a woman in the stomach, supposedly because he was chasing her, attempting to rape her. Man got 2 years in jail for assault, despite the fact that he didn't have a record before.

* Similarly, a woman was shot in the leg by a man because she attacked him with a knife. Man got in trouble for a) disturbing the peace b) domestic violence c) unnecessary use of force. Man got 4 years, and his weapon's license taken away.

In an nutshell, all im saying is that the feminists should stop bitching about women's rights only, and concentrate on the rights of EVERYONE. Lets not segregate, people....its just too destructive to do any good.

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