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Welcome to the EV/EVO/EVN Survival Guide. This section provides information and strategy for Ambrosia's Escape Velocity series of games. Currently, work is being done on each section, with the complete guide (for all three games) being finished soon (I hope). Check out the Survival Guide Introduction if you have no idea what this site is about.

Want to get started? Check out Basic Training if you're new to the game, everything you'll need to know to survive (hence the name of this guide) is there. Stop by the Government Embassy to learn more about the different paths you can take in the games. While at the Embassy, be sure to read up on how to be a member of that government's space navy. To make sure that you don't get lost, you may want to plot a course on the Galactic Map. After doing some more reading, stop by the Shipyard to take a look at the kinds of ships you'll be flying and fighting against. The Outfitter is right next door, so poke your head in there, too. Wrapping up your tour of the space dock, check out the Mission Computer. This is where you can learn about all the missions in the game.

Pages marked with a gray star (*) are missing a few things. If you see a "NEW" note next to something, it means that it's new since the last time I updated the site, while an "UPDATED" note means that the page has been updated.

If you want more information about EV Nova, you may want to check out our partner site, and make sure to check out the Gameplay FAQ. Another cool site is run by Pikeman.

The graphics used for the ship targets in the EV Survival Guide are from my plug Black Panel. Nova Survival Guide targets are taken from the game itself.

s u r v i v a l   g u i d e   n e w s
7/26/04: Two days before the 1-year mark since I last updated the EVN Survival Guide, and I return with a new update! Now all of the Shipyard pages have information totally up-to-date with EVN version 1.0.9. I hope to finish the EVN Survival Guide for good by the end of the year, but hey, no promises. ;)

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Survival Guide Introduction & Information

Basic Training

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Government Embassy

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Galactic Map

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Mission Computer
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